Graduation Project
Spare Party

Play as cute robots, unlock all the hats and dash through the levels with your best friend!
Try not to lose your head!

First-Person Shooter

Machina is a networked co-op first-person shooter played out in a futuristic office environment.

Real-Time Strategy

Ice is a 1 vs AI real-time strategy game in a cold, postapocalyptic world.

Space Shooter

In R.A.V.E.N. you are introduced to the brand new prototype spaceship R.A.V.E.N. With this new weapon against evil you make your way through space and battle the evil cult that has emerged from the outer sides of the universe to once more gain control of the galaxy.

Turn-Based Strategy
Patrick of the Caribbean

Patrick of the Caribbean is a 2D isometric turn-based strategy game.

Shoot 'Em Up
The Dweller

In the top-down hack’n’slash adventure The Dweller a Wizard and his talking blade venture down an eerie dungeon, searching for the truth behind the Wizards vision that led them both there. Use your magic to take down creepy foes from a distance, satisfy your sentient blades hunger by hacking through hoards of crunchy worms and dash and shield yourself from the hideous clutches of an ancient evil known only as the Dweller.

Point and Click
Hunk of Junk

In the point 'n click adventure Hunk of Junk the Captain of The Princess is forced to crash-land on a foreign junk planet together with her trusty mechanic, F1x. As F1x works on repairing the ship, the Captain boldly goes to find parts for a new Power Core, encountering a bunch of interesting characters along the way.