Point and Click
Hunk of Junk


In the point and click adventure, Hunk of Junk, the Captain of The Princess is forced to crash-land on a foreign junk planet together with her trusty mechanic, F1x. As F1x works on repairing the ship, the Captain boldly goes to find parts for a new Power Core, encountering a bunch of interesting characters along the way.

My contributions

  • Action-based Event system
  • Sprite animation system
  • Particle system
  • Dialogue system
  • Cursor
  • Film grain effect
  • Character movement
  • Location based color tinting of character
  • Cinematics
  • Triggers and scene switches
  • Synchronizer with render thread
  • Common utilities (Vector, Matrix, collision etc)
  • Debug system
  • Input wrapper
  • Timer system

Project details

  • 8 weeks, half time
  • C++
  • 3rd party libraries: HGE, FMOD and TinyXML
  • Created by Shindig Labs 2015
    • 3 Artists
    • 2 Level Designers
    • 5 Programmers
  • Download page

Student awards

  • Voted (out of 7 games):
    • 1st place: Least amount of bugs
    • 1st place: Best entertainment value
    • 1st place: Best quality level
    • 1st place: Best gameplay
    • 1st place: Best art
    • 1st place: Best storytelling
    • 1st place: Best overall