Graduation Project
Spare Party


Play as cute robots, unlock all the hats and dash through the levels with your best friend!
Try not to lose your head!

My contributions

  • Character movement and 2D physics
  • Collisions using kinematic objects and raycasts in PhysX
  • Mesh sorting (for front to back rendering)
  • Score GUI
  • TRUM master

Project details

  • 9 weeks, full-time
  • Created with our own engine
  • C++
  • 3rd party libraries: DirectX, PhysX, Wwise and TinyXML
  • Created by Distortion Games 2016
    • 3 Artists
    • 2 Level Designers
    • 6 Programmers
  • Download page
  • Online Highscore

Student awards

  • Voted (out of 7 games):
    • 1st place: Least amount of bugs
    • 2nd place: Best gameplay
    • 3rd place: Best entertainment value
    • 3rd place: Best overall