Shoot 'Em Up
The Dweller


In the top-down hack’n’slash adventure, “The Dweller”, a Wizard and his talking blade venture down an eerie dungeon, searching for the truth behind the Wizards vision that led them both there. Use your magic to take down creepy foes from a distance, satisfy your sentient blades hunger by hacking through hoards of crunchy worms and dash and shield yourself from the hideous clutches of an ancient evil known only as the Dweller.

My contributions

  • Enemy behavior
  • State stack
  • Melee and projectile weapons
  • Switches to open doors
  • Destructable crates
  • Tile loading and rendering system with layers
  • Player upgrades
  • Cursor
  • Resource manager
  • Automatic shadow sprites

Project details

  • 8 weeks, half time
  • C++
  • 3rd party libraries: HGE, FMOD, Tiled Map Editor and TinyXML
  • Created by UFO-mannen 2015
    • 4 Artists
    • 2 Level Designers
    • 4 Programmers
  • Download page

Student awards

  • Voted (out of 7 games):
    • 1st place: Least amount of bugs
    • 1st place: Best storytelling
    • 3rd place: Best entertainment value
    • 3rd place: Best quality level
    • 3rd place: Best gameplay
    • 3rd place: Best art
    • 3rd place: Best overall